(A revised version, adopted 11/12/2000 and amended 9/12/2015 and 11/14/2017)

  • Article I: NAME.
    The name of the association shall be the Bulgarian Studies Association (hereinafter referred to as "the association"; abbreviated as "BSA").
  • Article II: PURPOSE.
    The BSA is an international non-profit scholarly organization which promotes the study of and exchange of knowledge about all aspects of Bulgaria and Bulgarians, including, but not limited to, language, literature, culture, history, politics, economics and international relations.
  • Article III: MEMBERS.
    Membership in the association shall be open to anyone interested in any aspect of scholarship dealing with Bulgaria and Bulgarians. Members who are in good standing and not in arrears in dues payments are regular members and are eligible to vote.
    • Par. I: ANNUAL DUES.
      The annual membership dues shall be $25 per person for members not residing in Bulgaria and $5.00 for those living in Bulgaria (Amended 11/14/2017) . Changes in dues may be proposed by the Executive Council but shall not take effect until such change has been approved by a majority of the members voting of all members.
  • Article IV: MEETINGS.
    The general Business Meeting of the BSA shall be held every year in conjunction with the annual conference of the ASEEES. At these meetings, major decisions may be taken by vote if a quorum of at least 25% of the membership is present; otherwise, major decisions shall be made by a mail ballot of the entire membership. Upon request of the President or three-fifths of the Executive Council, or upon written request of twenty percent (20%) of the members, the Secretary-Treasurer shall call a special meeting. Notice about time and place of meetings of the BSA shall be given in writing or by electronic means to all members of the BSA by the Secretary-Treasurer at least one month before the meeting. In case a quorum is not present at a special meeting, the Executive Council shall have the authority to proceed with the meeting, but no major actions shall be binding until approved by a majority of members voting in a special mail ballot. There shall be at least one general meeting each calendar year. At each meeting, the President or other presiding officer shall appoint a member present at the meeting to keep minutes. The minutes of all meetings shall be published on the Association's webpage and/or in the Association's Newsletter.
  • Article V: OFFICERS.
    The Officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer elected by the members. Additional honorary officers may be elected by the membership. Officers must be members in good standing. The President shall provide general leadership and supervision of the Association, shall preside at its meetings, shall charge and discharge committees, shall appoint the Chair and members of committees, and shall serve as member ex officio of any committees. The Vice-President shall act for the President in his or her absence, shall consult with and act together with the President, and shall be an ex officio member of any committees. The Secretary-Treasurer shall maintain membership records of the BSA, issue notices, receive, disburse, and keep records of funds under the direction of the Executive Council, and shall make a financial report at the annual meeting. All records will be open for inspection by members of the Executive Council.
    The property of the association shall be managed and its business conducted by the Executive Council, consisting of the three Officers and the Journal Editor, who shall be members-at-large of the Executive Council. (Amended 9/12/2015)
    • Par. I: ANNUAL BUDGET. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be required to submit an annual report for the approval of the Executive Council at the Annual Business Meeting.
    The officers shall be elected from among the membership by regular members in good standing, by a majority of those voting. Each officer's term shall begin immediately after the annual meeting following the elections and shall continue for two years. Officers may serve more than one two-year term, either consecutively or after a break in service, provided they are properly elected to each term. A Nominating Committee consisting of representatives from diverse disciplines shall be proposed by the Executive Council at the annual meeting preceding the election, and shall be approved by a majority vote of the regular membership who are in attendance at the Annual Business Meeting. The Nominating Committee shall solicit from the regular members nominations for officers of the Association and circulate the proposed slate to the membership no later than May 1st. The election shall be held via electronic vote. All ballots shall be sent to either the Chair or another appointed member of the Nominating Committee, who shall be responsible for counting and announcing the votes. Ballots shall be sent to the membership by August 1 and returned to the Nominating Committee by October 1. In the event that one or more of the positions on the Executive Council becomes vacant, the Executive Council shall be empowered to appoint an acting officer to serve until a regular officer can be elected by authorized procedures.
    An online Journal is to be published once a year. The Executive Council shall appoint a member to oversee administrative matters related to the Journal, compile articles and other materials, and distribute the Journal. This Journal Editor shall serve at the pleasure of the Executive Council, and may appoint other members to serve on an editorial committee for the journal. Expenditures for published materials other than the Journal must be approved in advance by the Executive Council. (Amended 9/12/2015)
  • Article IX: AMENDMENTS.
    Amendments to the Constitution must receive a two-thirds majority of members voting in order to be adopted. Votes shall be conducted by electronic ballot and the Chair of the Constitution Committee will be responsible for counting and announcing the votes. Amendments may be proposed at meetings by a quorum of those present, or by e-mail by petitions to the Secretary-Treasurer containing the names of at least ten members. Only members who are of at least one year's standing, in good standing, and not in arrears in dues payments shall be eligible to propose or vote on amendments.
    Roberts Rules of Order (revised), in the latest edition, shall govern the Association in all cases in which it can be applied and in which it is not inconsistent with the Constitution and any By-laws of the Association.
  • Article XI: COMMITTEES.
    Each committee shall consist of at least two members in good standing, plus the President and Vice President ex officio. The committees and their membership shall be determined by the President with the advice and consent of the Executive Council.
    In the event of dissolution of the association, any assets remaining after paying or making provision for the payment of all liabilities of the association, shall be disposed of exclusively for the purpose of the association to such organization(s) organized and operated exclusively for scientific or educational purposes.
  • Article XIII. Enabling Clause.
    This revised version of the Constitution of the Bulgarian Studies Association shall go into effect only after legal review and then approval by a majority of members in good standing voting with an electronic ballot . This vote is to be held not more than four months after the approval of this revised version by the Executive Council.