Membership in the Bulgarian Studies Association costs only $25.00 per calendar year ($5.00 for members living in Bulgaria) and is open to any person interested in any aspect of scholarship dealing with Bulgaria and Bulgarians. Membership in the BSA will help you keep apprised of developments and trends in the field and will foster professional contacts with other scholars active in Bulgarian Studies.

Mailing list

The purpose of the BSA discussion list is to serve common professional, academic and cultural interests in the area of Bulgarian studies. Membership does not automatically give access to the mailing list, which is open for members.

Bulgarian Studies Association Membership Form

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1) Select the text between the dotted lines, copy it into an e-mail, fill in the information needed on each line, and mail it to to Traci Speed.

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2) Alternatively, you can download following fire and send it as indicated in the form.

If you prefer, you can pay ahead a year or more.

To pay by PayPal:

  1. Click the payment button below to be sure you reach the BSA account.
  2. In the screen that appears, type in the amount of dollars you are sending and click "Update"
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  4. Enter your credit card details in the appropriate fields and go through with the transaction (You will be able to review your payment details before making the final transaction).
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To pay by snail mail:

Make your check or money order payable to Bulgarian Studies Association in U.S. currency, and send it to the following address:

Traci Speed
Bulgarian Studies Association
801 Adams St. Apt. 5B
Albany, CA 94706